So much to see, so much to eat !

The food scene in Malta has gone from simmering nicely to almost boiling over in recent months. You can learn about coffee, sample whiskey, mix spices, try your hand at private cookery classes in someones home and even go really posh at the Mediterranean Culinary Academy for a night. There is just so much choice. Lets not forget a Gin Festival which alone is reason enough to write a blog and be happy. Restaurants are having themed nights to get your taste buds working, the vegan scene is bursting open and the Malta Gourmet Food Festival is growing year on year. There is A LOT going on to expand your waist line and wet your whistle I kid you not.

So like any good frantic housewife looking for an excuse to ditch the ironing I hope to escape, sorry I mean check them out (purely for research of course).  I’ll even share the toils of my labor and guide you through the delicate business of eating, drinking and general mischief in the name of food!! But I wont stop there. I’ll gladly list upcoming events not just here in Malta but where ever you might be. So please send details of your events, or let me know of good ones to add to my list to check out myself or recommend. Feel free to invite me. (I’d go to the opening of an envelope if it involved refreshment’s & nibbles. )

If you want to know what cool food events are happening in Ireland, then check out Ken on Food I found this site yesterday while researching an upcoming trip home and I have serious blogger envy.

So keep following and we can break bread and share the international and national food experiences.

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