The Bendy Fork blog is a culmination of food-loving, cooking experiments, family meals, foodie reviews, photography & the ever-changing way we look at food. Having been a stay home mom, not to mention coming from a family of caterers and foodies. Good food, good wine, and good company have always been part of my life. In recent years, I've moved country, and thus my food habits have changed. As well as getting older I'm looking more at my diet and that of my family while thinking about what is sustainable, ethical plus economical. Recently I changed to a more whole-food plant-based style of eating, which has been a revelation to me. However, that doesn't mean I am a strict vegan or will live on a diet of air & good grace. As a qualified holistic therapist, I believe in balance, a little bit of everything in moderation. Life is too short for extremes and to deny oneself the delights of whipped cream on hot apple pie, or a cool Gin & Tonic on a warm summer day would be a tragedy. I've spent many years cooking, even more, eating and a fair share recommending and telling people how and what they could cook. I even did my own cookbook a few years ago for my nearest & dearest of all the family favorites. More recently I have given classes to friends on how to cook. So I suppose bringing it all together into one location was inevitable. (Although very daunting for the technically challenged ..... I'm better with kitchen knives and mixers). This blog could have been called many things, but everyone has at least one bendy fork in the drawer! Its a work in progress like myself and I hope it brings you some joy as well as something delicious to share with those you love.