About Me

About 13 years ago an old friend of mine told me I should write a blog.
(And I’m pretty sure she meant writing about the joys and hysterics of newly found motherhood with a witty twist). Having recently had a baby and become a frantic housewife I wasn’t sure what she was on about or what a blog was. I am not of technical mind you see. And so all this time later I find myself typing a biog with the notion of food and how to share my love of it. This blogging lark is quite overwhelming, and so I have taken a step back a couple of times to gather my thoughts and eat A LOT in the course of research obviously and to ease my own confusion.

Food is just part of my DNA. Feeding those you love is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So I hope I can figure out this technical jargon, to showcase food I cook as well as informing people about good food events that might be happening or books I’m cooking from and that kind of thing. I’m falling in love with photography so my attempts at food photography will also appear. As well as tasty dishes from travelling, my quirky thoughts on food and possibly even artistic efforts.  We are always passing on the tit-bits of information to each other in our daily exchanges. I do it constantly! So this is where I hope to bring it all together. So feel free to send me ideas, or maybe you might have an event coming up.

There are ‘plugins’, widgets, links and possibly adverts popping up through Google Adsense on this site. My page isn’t sponsored, and I will try to talk about things or products I am actually using or have experienced. I believe if you click on an advert there is a small financial benefit for me. However, it’s only if you click. I hope you like the blog, and most of all I hope I figure out how to overcome the technical jargon! It will all be considered while having a cuppa and a cake either way.