Fáilte! (Welcome)

FÁILTE! and a very Irish welcome to my kitchen. When I began this blog almost two years ago, I had great notions of food writing, reviewing restaurants, sharing recipes and being a promoter of artisan food events both here in Malta where I now live and in Ireland where I am from. My goals were high while my best intentions were challenged. Finally stripping away these notions of grandeur to show who I am as a person, should be as a blogger and what I want from this narrative space going forward.

When it boils down to it (excuse the pun) I am a housewife, a homemaker, a creator, a lover of food and a woman that treasures the memories of family, feasting and the simple pleasures. Taking that into account I have realized The Bendy Fork is more than just recipes. Like myself it is a complex layering of colour, texture, warmth, humour and wisdom. I love the little things that give nourishment, wisdom, comfort or joy, be it to look at, to create as well as to eat . Maybe I’m a quirky version of Good House Keeping after a couple of Gins (OK maybe a lot of gins).

I like to say I am very much an Irish mammy. Having moved away from my beloved Ireland surrounded by the Wicklow hills and all my relations. I now live in a much hotter Malta with less mischief makers to hand. And so I find myself always in the kitchen. When we arrived first 6 years ago, having no friends, outlets and little family here. It was the automatic place to be. It’s the heart and soul of my home and is very much a creative space for all of us. (Its also a big airy open space which helps in the heat). The loneliness for home has turned my head to photography, art and cookery while searching my inner creative child filling the void. I hope to share recipes with you that have been hits in the kitchen along with some of my art and creative exploits. There will always be an under-currant of memories in what I do. To that end I tend to bring my Irish humor to the table and so I write as I speak. It flows easier for me that way but causes much confusion to grammar apps as well as my spell check which insists on being American. I assumed my audience would be mainly Irish, (heavily relying on the family obviously) so this might have to change going forward. Apologies if my Irish slang leaves you scratching your head.

Family is everything to me. Therefore gathering around the table is the corner stone of The Bendy Fork as much as it is in our home. The Kitchen is the heart of every Irish house. When I’m in that space I am close to those I love. Its like Laurie Colwin says in the book, Home Cooking ,A winter in the kitchen, “No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers”.

This is who I am, Irish, mother, wife, sister, daughter, creator, cook, homemaker & mischief maker. Also known as The Bendy Fork.

Thanks for popping by, it was lovely to have you visit.

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