Simple Summer Recipes

Summer is certainly upon us and in many parts temperatures are rising and gatherings are looking possible again. So I have gone through some of my previous posts since the blog began and picked out my top 5 recipes for gathering with those you love while sharing simple and easy recipes. You can click on the link to take you straight to the individual recipes. Of course there are more than 5, like drinks and ice creams and bbq rubs. But I had to restrain myself.

  1. Cashew & Onion Dip is a brilliant dip for all occasions and great if you have vegetarian guests or those that are trying to have a more healthy diet.
Creamy cheesy onions dip,

2. Yoghurt Surprise is the food made most in my kitchen all year around. It is brilliant for summer picnics when done in jars, A wonderful healthy breakfast or snack and can be made into a sweet treat really easily for unexpected visitors. I have had many a compliment on a breakfast table when guest sit down to find this on the table. Its also great as you can let your personal taste and imagination go wild. topped surprise

3. Herb butters are the kitchen hack for making any dish sing. From cooking fish to meat, smothering on potatoes, tossing in pasta or pan searing veg, butter is a culinary friend. Simple to make, easy to use and even easier to store in the fridge or freezer. A must have.

4. Pasta Bean Salad is a good weather tummy filler and always a winner at a gathering. We eat this a lot throughout the year, but in summer it becomes a a staple at BBQs and picnics.

5. Basil Pesto. I cannot do a summer list without this. Summer is a time for Basil here in Malta and also extreme heat which makes the kitchen a place where quick easy things need to made without the oven. This pesto goes on everything from pasta, to bread, into the freezer and onto salads as a dressing. one item for multiple meals. PERFECT!

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