No churn Strawberry Ice-cream

I don’t know how there is not an ice-cream machine in my house considering the scorching summer temperatures along with my love of ice cream. It could have something to do with the current bursting cupboards with kitchen kit of course but I’m not going to admit to that concept. Either way, I created this yummy no-churn ice cream recently and it’s really gorgeous. Using fresh or frozen strawberries boiled a bit to make a syrup and double cream. It’s a winner in my book. You can use any fruit you like really. Which is good if you are a seasonal fruit person. Blueberries and blackberries as well as raspberries can also be used and work really well. I have made multiple flavours at once to have on standby or to have as a mixed ice-cream serving. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what flavours you try.


  • 250ml double cream
  • 50g castor sugar – optional
  • 150g strawberries washed, hulled and halved
  • 2 tblsp water


  • You can do this step in advance. Over low heat, simmer the water, strawberries, and half the sugar until the berries become soft and jam-like. You can squash the berries with a masher while simmering. and even add a little trickle more water. Make sure you don’t walk off and leave this in case it burns. Put to one side to cool completely. I put mine in the fridge.
  • Using an electric whisk or a strong arm. Whisk the cream and remaining sugar until thick and able to hold a stiff peak.
  • Once the strawberry mixture is completely cold, fold it into the cream gently so that you have the ripple effect. Pour into an airtight container or ice cream molds and pop in the freezer to set.
  • After about two hours you can give it a stir if you like to break down the ice particles in the middle. – optional
  • Remove from the freezer about 10 mins before serving. Serve with a trickle of syrup, a chocolate wafer swirl, or with some hot fruit crumble.
No churn strawberry ripple ice-cream


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