Instant Pot Pasta 10/10

I’ve been dragging my heels about cooking pasta in the Instant Pot Duo as I was dubious how it would go. Living in the Mediterranean we eat a lot of pasta and ideally you don’t ruin it or you run the risk of being deported. Pasta is to the Mediterranean’s what potatoes are to the Irish. So when I finally got the nerve to risk it. I decided I would use my faithful Instant Pot companion cook book from The Milk Street Kitchen and cook something I am familiar with in the normal day to day of the kitchen. So I settled on Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. A simple yet delicious dish from Naples, containing a handful of ingredients that each pack their own punch.

Puttanesca is made from black olives, capers, tomatoes, garlic and spaghetti. So the risk of ending up with an unbalanced spaghetti dish or overcooked mush in an instant pot is possible unless you have a good idea of how to make it and in may case follow the instructions given in the recipe. The reason I say this is because in the recipe you let the pasta stand at the end with the main pot taken out of the instant pot case. This is important so that the pasta wont burn into the backside of the pot or turn to mush. Had I not followed a recipe for this, I would have left the inner pot where it was and ruined a stunning dish. Something I had done previously because I was cooking it like I would on the hob. Where at the end I turn off the hob and move the pot to where I am serving. Its not an automatic things I do with the Instant Pot as its incased.

One pot pasta dishes are a firm family favourite in our house. The joy of using one saucepan that does everything is brilliant. However I do find when using a saucepan on the hob in comparison to the Instant pot. More standing over it is generally required. Therefore, 1 pot without any supervision necessary when cooking is a 10/10 in my kitchen. If you are going to give pasta a try in your instant pot, that I would suggest following a good recipe and starting with a simple pasta dish first. I’m loving The Milk Street Kitchen recipes as they are giving me confidence to try other pasta dishes from my own family favourites but applying their step by step process, timings and tips. I also want to apologize for not having a picture of the finished dish. It was so awesome that the pot was cleared in one sitting!

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