Hot Cross Buns

If I were Eostre, the goddess of Spring whom in Saxon times it is believed the cross on the buns were to honour. I think I’d be pretty happy with this offering of sticky, fruity heaven. Although I’m not sure the time that goes into making them would be my thing. Of course if I’m the goddess then I wouldn’t be the one making them in fairness. So bring it on.

I took a strange notion last weekend to make hot cross buns. I say strange as anything that requires endless proving, waiting, punching back, multiple kneading and so on is something I avoid at all costs due to my general impatient nature. However that said, it was certainly worth all the effort and a lost Saturday morning, to learn a new recipe which actually worked. Not to mention endless praise with much “Ooooing” and “OMG’s these are amazing” comments through stuffed mouths.

After a bit of searching online. I decided to go with Paul Hollywood’s recipe on BBC food. I’ve never cooked anything from him before, and I can honestly say I WILL be trying more of his recipes in the future. I might even reconsider Sourdough!(if you missed that video during 2020, it was a train wreck of yeast). Before I share the link below. I would advise if you are going to make these then you need at least 4 hours, between the proving , prep and cooking. Its an hour each prove. So have a good book to hand, a walk planned or something else to keep you occupied in between. Do not try and do this while making other bread, roasting a duck and failing at setting up a photo shoot like I did. The other thing is, that the recipe makes about 15 buns which are very much for eating as soon as they are made. They go hard overnight, and really don’t freeze very well. A quick 20 sec zap in the mirco-wave will slightly soften them the next day. But to be honest, the good is gone out of them. The recipe itself is really simple and apart from the 3 proves, its actually not that physically time consuming as the ingredient prep is nothing at all. Also I left out the fruit peel, which really didn’t make that much of a different. Let me know how you get on. Enjoy!

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