Instant Pot’s perfect partner

A couple of years ago I went whole food, plant based. Then over time I re-introduced small amounts of animal protein like eggs and the odd bit of chicken or fish back into our family diet. We were having red meat once in a while. However since my Instant Pot arrived at Christmas I have come to realize that we are now eating meat almost every day. And I don’t mean just a fillet of chicken. I’m talking whole shoulders of pork, full chickens, pounds of beef, chicken thighs, duck, lamb shanks and so on. Last week I bulk bought my body weight in meat all for slow, braised and pressure cooked delights form my Instant Pot. These dishes are becoming truly addictive because they are comforting, easy to cook, full of amazing flavor and tummy warmers on a cold day in a busy house. Which if you are a meat eater, is fantastic for you. But for someone that isn’t usually a big meat eater it can raise a few questions about what kind if diet this piece of kitchen kit really suits.

My initial adventures with the Instant pot functions have been mixed in terms of results. So taking the dehydrations function to make dehydrated healthy fruit and crisps at home as an example. That didn’t really do it for me or rate high out of 10. Soups are without a doubt brilliant in this pot. So from a healthy soup perspective, full of good veg no meat its a winner every time. I would however say that, in my accompanying cook book a large portion are meat broths or soups. I haven’t tried pasta yet. But I am hoping to give rice a try this week. Mainly because all the recipes I’ve come across include meat. Nor have I found a good hearty vegetarian dish for the Instant pot. So I may have to tweak some of my old ones to see if they work, over shorter time slots.

As I rolled away from the dinner table for a second evening yesterday, after a feast of Carnitas made from 3lbs of melt in your mouth sweet pork shoulder. (Check out the recipe here, . There was so much we had it for two nights.) I came to realize that the the Instant Pot is the Carnivores ultimate piece of kitchen kit. I have cooked all kinds of meat since Christmas and I can say hand on heart that meat loves this Instant Pot. Its a love of great depth, trust and understanding of how both parts work in the relationship. The instant pot looks after that meat, with respect, with care, keeping everything beautiful about it intact so it can shine and be the best version of itself. Meat and Instant Pot are the perfect couple. And although I celebrate such things, have actively encouraged this wonderful alliance in my kitchen, my digestive system is suffering from a meat hangover. I have resolved myself to the challenge of vegetarian cooking in my Instant Pot. And welcome any recipes, tips or ideas anyone has on the matter.

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