So Who is the Bendy Fork & Why am I here?

FÁILTE (WELCOME) to my blog. When I began this blog almost two years ago, I had great notions of food writing, reviewing restaurants, sharing recipes and being a promoter of artisan food events both here in Malta where I now live and in Ireland where I am from. I hoped the global network of foodies would engage and share things that were happening in their localities as this wonderful community connected, ate and grew along with me as I navigated the trials, tribulations and technical minefield that is blogging. My goals were high while my best intentions were challenged. Finally stripping away these notions of grandeur to show who I am as a person, should be as a blogger and what I want from this narrative space going forward.

When it boils down to it (excuse the pun) I am a housewife, a homemaker, a creator, a lover of food and a woman that treasures the memories of family, feasting and the simple pleasures. Taking that into account I have realized The Bendy Fork is more than just recipes. Like myself it is a complex layering of colour, texture, warmth, humour and wisdom. Its about the little things that give nourishment, comfort and joy to look at, to create as well as to eat . Maybe I’m a quirky version of Good House Keeping after a couple of gins (ok maybe a lot of gin).

I’m always in the kitchen. So nice recipes and family food is the backbone of this blog. The kitchen is the heart and soul of my home. It is a creative space for all of us. I hope to share recipes with you that have been hits in the kitchen. I’m a homemaker and very much a traditional Irish mammy. As such I’m not just about good food. The Irish mammy is about open arms, a welcome, comfort, practical guidance. Giving, warmth, nourishment and that little bit of mammy magic laced with laughter. There will always be an under-currant of memories in what I do. I am my mothers daughter after all. To that end I tend to bring my Irish humor to the table and so I write as I speak. It flows easier for me that way but causes much confusion to grammar apps as well as my spell check which insists on being American. I assumed my audience would be mainly Irish, (heavily relying on the family obviously) so this might have to change going forward.

Covid and 2020 saw The Bendy Fork platform and myself pushing small local business wherever they were amongst the online community. And this is something that I will certainly continue here on the blog as food events along with small producers hopefully reopen globally. Who doesn’t love a good food market or gourmet food festival to wander through? I also became more aware of the United Nations Global Goals and have taken up a more active approach to what and how I consume. This too will be explored a bit more no doubt in 2021.

Gathering around the table is the corner stone of The Bendy Fork and 2021 wont be hugely different with some additions to the mix. I will not be doing live cooking demonstrations for sure as I have officially decided I am not made for the small screen. So what can you expect to see if you stop by through this year ahead? Well I recently came across hand written recipes belonging to my mother. I am currently transcribing them and will share them here on the blog once they have been tried and tested. Its a labour of love and an ongoing project. I promise to keep you posted on my progress. When I finally get my head around all the jargon and coding at some point in 2021. The beautiful food art I created in 2020 will showcase here. Having printed some for wall hangings and home ware gifts. The positive feedback has put my pondering over cups of tea into overdrive for the blog as a showcase and maybe even as a place to sell my designs and photography. I don’t know how that all works yet. There will be many cups of tea and large slices of cake along that learning curve. But in the interim there will be lovely family recipes, hints, tips, home style, good humour and of course the odd glass of gin.

This is who I am. Trish, daughter, sister, wife and mother. Also known as The Bendy Fork.

Thanks for popping by, it was lovely to have you visit. Keep in touch and call again, the door is always open and the kettle on.

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  1. Jean Reinhardt

    Lovely to meet you, from one Irish mammy to another. We lived in Spain for almost eight years and while I was there I regularly made typical Irish dishes to ease the homesickness. Amazing how food can trigger memories and give comfort when needed.

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