Add some glamour to your home without spending a fortune

Everyone that knows me will know I don’t throw much away. Be it an ice cream tub, glass jar or the hanger ribbon from clothes. At some point I will reuse it. And over the years I have found that I can inexpensively add a bit of glamour to our house or make cool storage from these items. Not to mention the arts and crafts, dressing a table or styling a nice photo. Those little scoops you get when you buy ice-cream, well Im the mammy that brings them home and uses them again and again. So with Christmas almost here, I am going to share a couple of my favourite DIY ideas.

  1. Pretty light features around your house. All you need is a clean jar, label removed (WD40 will do the trick or warm soapy water). I use Heinz Mayo jars as they are the perfect size and lovely shape. Also you need cheap LED battery operated lights. (Ideally use re-chargeable batteries). Pop the lights into the jar and place behind photos, in corners and cubby holes to create lovely soft lighting to make your home feel snug. Most homeware stores sell these lights. The ones in the picture I bought in Ireland at Penny’s for €2.50.-3.50.

2. From perfume stick jar to vase or picture stand: There are few houses now a days that don’t have perfume sticks in some corner. So when the liquid is finished I use these for Christmas decorations as a vase for red berries, or table centre pieces for singular flowers such as giant daisy’s. I also use them as a backing to stand pictures up by putting some double sided sticky tape on the glass and frame then gently pressing it together. The sticks, can also be used in flower pots to label plants.

3. Golden Acorns; At Christmas these are everywhere in my part of the world. And on a walk you can see them all over the ground. So whenever the season is in your part of the world, pick up a few and keep them. All you need is the acorn, a golden marker or gold nail polish and if you want some clear varnish. (I use clear nail varnish if I don’t have normal art varnish). Then dust down your acorns to clean them and start to colour in the tips or the whole thing. A clothes peg is handy for holding it. Finally, Seal it with the varnish. The spray cans are really expensive for what you get and I discovered a gold metallic marker does the job brilliantly. If you want to get very fancy you can even sprinkle some glitter on when the varnish is wet. You are ready to fill a bowl with them, scatter around as a decoration or add to a Christmas wreath. Options are endless. If you get really tiny ones they are lovely on twine to wrap your gifts.

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