My Food Art Adventure

Cooking is a form of expression and beautifully created food is an art form in itself. I love food photography and try my best to give it a go. However using food to create art has been my Covid lockdown adventure. It’s such an easy thing to do and you can really create something beautiful and quirky for your walls or textile prints. A little imagination can really go a long way. It just came to me one day as I was looking at a jar of boiled sweets and thinking they would make a very colourful picture. And so my Lollypop flower box was born.

I wanted to make a flower box, so I incorporated a number of different elements to create the textures and colours. The stems of the lollypop flowers were made from strips of spring onion. The soil was a combination of ‘Wheetabix’, chia seeds and cocoa powder sitting on whole wheat soba noodles as the flower box. I placed the “soil” in a thick layer hoping to make it look three dimensional. Finally the wonderful flower tops were boiled sweets.


From there I was lost in a new form of creativity: food art. From flowers to tress and possibly a household favourite …..the dress you would cry for.

Made from onion skin and chai seeds for the hanger. I love this dress. It’s so quirky and so pretty. Something the kids could do on a rainy afternoon. I used taco shells for the sunflowers; spinach for the leaves, fruit peel for the petals and dyed sugar to create all kinds of magic. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks to modern technology and brilliant phone cameras, you have self made art for your walls or any form of print. Not to mention the hours of fun using what’s in the house. I assure you no food was wasted in the making. Hopefully, my collection will expand in the coming months and continue to grace all kinds of mediums such as T-shirts, cards, aprons and walls brightening someones day. Watch this space. xx