Pulpetti. Easy way to use leftovers

This is a great way to use your leftovers. Its basically taking your leftovers, blitzing them, and forming little patties that you can fry or oven bake. I did a live video on Facebook recently which I have attached here so you can see how I make them. https://www.facebook.com/thebendy.fork.9/videos/vb.100034172901080/235896560892772/?type=3

Ingredients will vary depending on what leftovers you have from your roast dinner but this is a basic idea.

  • Leftover roast meat (chicken, pork, lamb, or beef), with most fat, removed.
  • leftover veg (the video has a carrot and a spring onion)
  • A teaspoon of herbs or spices depending on what the meat was originally seasoned with. Try to keep it the same.
  • 1 cup panko breadcrumbs (optional)
  • 1 Egg – you can use water or a flax egg instead.


  • Blitz all your leftovers in a mixer and herbs or spices for about a minute.
  • Put into a bowl and add an egg to combine with half the panko
  • You can add some frozen peas or corn at this point for texture.
  • Make into small patties and toss in the remaining panko to lightly cover. Placing on a tray.
  • If frying straight away, use a tablespoon oil in a pan and fry over medium heat.
  • If cooking in the oven, lightly brush or trickle with oil and cook in a preheated oven 180C for 25 minutes until golden brown.
  • Serve with your leftover gravy and some chips on the side or sitting on mashed potatoes.

Note: You can do this as a vegan dish by using Oyster mushrooms that you have shredded, marinated and roasted or pan-fried before blitzing or finely chopping. Also, these are lovely done with any Indian spiced roasted meat.