Veganuary virtue over? This book will keep the taste buds wanting more.

So you have all been virtuous hoping on the Veganuary bandwagon and survived the kale smoothies, lentil soups and veggie burgers. Yes? But what now? The vegan range in the supermarket may be getting bigger but will it be enough or will you slip back into the beef burgers and chicken casserole for ease of feeding the family? Was it just a momentary trend that now the hype is over you go back to what was comfortable and stops the family groaning or your peers looking at you sideways with that “fecking vegan hippy ” look as they breath a sigh of relief now it’s all over.

But fear not. Help is at hand, with pages upon pages of deliciousness to keep your bellies full, the skeptics quiet and the masses enthralled with all the family favorites as well as some mind blowing W.T.F I can’t believe it’s not meat moments. I know this, as I was given this book Christmas 2018 and have cooked out of it solidly for a year. BOSH is now the go to cook book in our kitchen. If your into vegetarian cooking, you have probably heard of Henry Firth & Ian Theasby. Their faces are everywhere, they are releasing books at fast as they flip pancakes with YouTube channels and now a new TV show in the pipeline. It’s easy to see why. Even though I have the other cookbooks, this one is still my go to book because it’s easy, the dishes are familiar, their sauces are adaptable and the ingredients accessible. The book has big feasts, quick dinners, party nibbles, cocktails and wonderful desert’s. Not to mention BOSH bowls (epic salad bowls), cakes and dips. From family dinners, gatherings of friends to wholesome lunches and special occasions.

In a week, we jump from Mexican chilli, to Asian soups & stir fry’s, Indian nann breads & curries to Mac’n Greens (weekly staple), stunning salads, buffallo wings or Spanish tapas. Ingredients are so easy to locate with the instructions simple and well laid out. Visually, you do end up with what is in the picture, which in fairness is not always the case. Every recipe is on their channel so you can watch them do it if your unsure. I prefer the book personally. For £7.99 at Amazon UK or $20 and from Book Depository its be around €20. However its money well spent. As unlike most cookbooks you will return to it again and again. Newer BOSH books such as BISH BASH BOSH! and the Healthy Vegan are all around the same price. However I seem to go back to this one all the time. Which is always a good sign. It reminds me a bit of Jamie’s, 30 minute meals, which has some crackers in it that I still use. The biggest difference it that the BOSH recipes are adaptable to non vegetarians. Meaning you can have a meal totally plant based one day and have the same thing meat based another making the transition to plant based eating more approachable.

Unlike the Happy Pear, Recipes for Happiness I reviewed previously and LOVE, the range its much bigger in this book. Perfect for variety to keep you interested and trying new things which then gives you confidence to play around with plant based food. White flour plays a big part in recipes like cakes, nann breads or making some sauces. But finding Gluten Free alternatives isn’t that hard as I’ve been finding out recently. If you get your hands on the book the pages to delve into first have to be Creamy Seaside Pie, Creamy Mac & Greens, Ultimate Chilli, Naan Breads, Banana Bread and Shirley’s Sheffield Scones. Oh and the Buffolo Wings & the Nice Spice Rice..see there are so many good ones I cant just pick one!

So throw virtue out the window, and get cooking some gorgeous food. Spoil your taste buds, indulge your senses and expand your kitchen staples with the scrumdiddlyumptious brilliance that is BOSH.