Top tips for getting through the Christmas build up.

Love it or hate it, Christmas is coming and life can become a bit frantic over the coming weeks. Here are my top tips to make the juggling a bit easier and the feeding a little less frantic, yet wholesome to keep you nourished. I would suggest you do these things within the next two weeks, so you are ready for December 1st. It might mean all hands on deck for a Saturday morning. But it will be worth it in the end. You’ll be showered,changed, have a cuppa and get your face on in the 30 minutes or so these dinners will take to reheat.

  1. Clean your oven NOW. Don’t leave it till Christmas week. And get everyone to do a deep clean in the house. Good polish, bathrooms and sort those kitchen cupboards out a bit. (So you can see what you need to buy or not). If you have the mind-frame, clean & defrost your fridge.
  2. If you don’t have one, invest in a crock-pot or slow cooker. You can get them for about 40 bucks and you literally throw in the ingredients, put on low for the day and dinner is ready whenever you get in. They are great for chilli, a full chicken, slow cooked pork belly, veggie casseroles, curries etc.
  3. Have in the fridge some dips, yogurts, cold cuts, cheese & eggs.
  4. Make a batch of banana bread & carrot cake, slice, wrap and freeze.
  5. Make sure you have beans in your cupboard. (Beans on toast people!)
  6. Prep the following dishes and put them in the freezer for family dinners. Yes it might take you an hour or two to batch cook. But it will save you time in the end.
    1. Bolognese. Make a double batch and use half for a lasagne the rest freeze to add to pasta later. If you really want to cheat, part cook some penne and mix the sauce into it and freeze. Great Pasta Bake.
    2. Chilli. Either a Yummy 3 Bean Chilli like Happy Pear’s one or a normal meat chilli. Both freeze well. I find mushroom based chilli like the one BOSH does are not great for freezing.
    3. 2 different curries of your choice. Korma and green curry freeze quiet well. If you’re a Vegetarian just make the sauces. They freeze.
    4. Soups. Make two batches of soup. Tomato freezes really well. An Asian broth is great and you can add the noodles when its reheating.
    5. Shepards Pie either vegan or not, they freeze great.
    6. If your a meat eater, get some chicken wings, fillets , salmon even steak and coat in my dry rub. Wrap in grease paper and its ready top in the oven or on the pan. Defrost before cooking!!
    7. Bread! Have burger bundies, and whatever bread you like in the freezer to grab for sambo or for dips.
  7. Have some large potatoes on hand. 8 minutes in a microwave you have a baked potato!. Toppings as you wish.
  8. Have those mix bags of frozen fruit, oats and bananas to hand for quick smoothies. (oats are a great tummy filler)
  9. Make a batch of energy balls for lunch boxes & grabbing on the go.
  10. On a Sunday, scribble down your dinner plan for the week, so you know what your having and what to take out of the freezer and put in the oven on a timer.