The Perfect Happy Christmas gift from the Happy Pear!

Christmas is coming and not only is the goose getting fat but the cookbook section of your local store is about to be flooded with the latest offerings all wanting your Christmas cash. There will be endless reviews and recommendations to help you choose no doubt. But I think a true review is when you actually cook from the said book on a weekly basis throughout the year. It shows that the book has enough day to day usability, works within a family budget, and is uncomplicated with a nice range. It should bring you joy not stress, be unfussy and create calm happiness in the kitchen. Which is exactly what The Happy Pear, Recipes for Happiness does.

I’ve been using this gem of a book on a weekly basis for a year now as I wanted to have a more plant-based focus on our family diet. It has gorgeous easy recipes like Indonesian satay, soul-warming soups (tomato soup is fab) and one pot lasagne, which is a revelation. Little hints, tips and cool things like sweet chilli “katchup”, vegan gravy and nacho cheese. All made so easy, uncomplicated and generally from stuff you have in the cupboard. I think the most exotic thing I had to go out and the purchase was Tamari and Nutritional Yeast (my new best friend in the kitchen).

If you’re trying to go veggie, or even just want to get more veg into the kids it can be daunting where to start. Or when you have non-vegans in a house it can get complicated. However, with this, you can always adjust with ease. But what I really love is at the back of the book. Should you need to reboot your system after the Christmas there’s even a two-week meal plan to follow. Now, how good is that? Or maybe in the new year (like me), you’re going to take up making sourdough or fermenting for a healthier gut. That’s all here too.

Of course, I have saved the best bit for last. As this isn’t a new book brought out for the Christmas market, you’ll probably get it for slightly less than the latest releases. Currently, it’s retailing on Amazon Uk at £12, Amazon US at $20 and in Europe it’s floating around the 18 Euro range depending on where you buy it from. So make someone happy this Christmas with Recipes for Happiness by the wonderful & ever-enthusiastic Happy Pear’s Steven & David Flynn.

p.s. The sweet section alone deserves the purchase. Frozen Chocolate ‘N’ Vanilla Bar, need I say more?