my problem with blogging.

I’ve always liked to set myself a challenge or try to do something different out of my comfort zone. After all, I have a fair few skills that are far beyond those I probably use on a daily basis. How I landed on this kind of challenge I’ll never know. And yet here I am staring at the screen having set about the idea of being a blogger. But what to write about? Do I vent into the abyss of the internet black hole or do I focus on one thing?

Food seemed a natural choice. So my head began to spin with endless possibilities of writing recipes; reviewing restaurants; styling shoots and interviews with cool food gurus. (I dream big what can I say. ) In my head I was epic! As I cleaned the kitchen I was running through interviews I would have; things I could do; the money I would make. It’s so easy, right? That’s what all those videos make you think. A “click here”, a “drag this there”, a plugin button or maybe a Facebook page link and of course those adverts! Those ones that will rake in the extra cash you’ve been needing for an extension, or kids piano lessons! You know the ones. It is all so easy. REALITY CHECK…that’s crap!

What it actually is, is confusing, technical, overwhelming and time-consuming. Especially if your not technical and in the food blogging game. To create recipes takes time, to photograph food takes time, style, and know-how. Then there’s the technical end, widgets, plugins, designs, layouts, followers and so on. I’ve just spent an hour trying to figure out how to put an Instagram button on the page. As a result, the woman that was going to blog about the food of her family kitchen is about to throw in a frozen pizza because she is frazzled looking for a plugin icon! (Pass the Gin please. )

But there’s also the vanity factor. I was asked recently “so how many followers do you have?” as I took a picture of a plate of food I was about to eat (something I actually detest people doing in restaurants and now I’m at it!) My response was a blank stare. I not only had I no idea how many but really didn’t give a S**t either. So does that make me a bad blogger? Even if I figure out all the other stuff. Is the point to get as many followers as you can and then reap the rewards? Probably. In that case, I might be “frigged” as we say at home. I need to up my vain game. That might require more time and effort than the technical stuff as well as more financial outlay than upgrading to a business plan which allows that infamous google add to pop up to make the pot of gold. Eureka! That’s the problem with blogging, that pot of potential gold.

We’d all like it. Some are really savvy and have the time to dedicate to getting it. Others like me are just impressed that we’ve managed to figure out how to open the design options page. I’m not joking, it took two cups of tea, a muffin, 3 digestives and half a jumbo packet of crisps to get that far. There is so much to learn, coding; design; marketing etc. You name it, you’ll need it. Yes, people do earn money blogging (I’m not one of them… YET). But we are swept away by the videos, tutorials and marketing that we lose the reality of what’s involved. What we (and I mean blog babies like me) need to remember is those cool bloggers are probably more technical than the majority or possibly have a team or some help. We shouldn’t be disheartened too early in proceedings. Time, knowledge and good content seem to be the real key. Snatching time here and there doesn’t work when trying to figure out this stuff. I did everything upside down, and so am back to square one. I will probably be venting into the abyss of the bloggers black hole for a while. I’m not sure if anyone will read this. I have somehow managed to delete the buttons I think I needed and God knows what I’ve done with the links and comments section. But feck it! As long as I’m overcoming challenges that’s the main thing. To blogging and beyond!