Can there ever be too much cake?

Most would think the answer to that is no. I mean we are talking about cake. That thing that makes our brain go fuzzy and our tummy dance with delight at the sheer indulgence of it. How could there be a stopping point? I’m obviously insane. Cakes, Carrott, lemon, Gateaux, Cheese, Cream, Sponge, Apple Pie for God Sake! But alas I have officially decided as of today that there is a time when there is too much cake.

Let me explain. So, I was in charge of desserts for a gathering of friends this weekend. And took the notion to do a wonderful Baked Raspberry & Mango Cheese Cake form my Avoca Cafe cookbook. As there was going to be a crowd. I figured I’d do the Carrot cake as well just in case. (A signature of mine now, and super easy to make). But did I take forewarning about gale-force winds and gigantic waves on the way? Not a bit of it, I’m Irish for God Sake! We see rain, we know wind and if you have ever been to the west during winter you have certainly seen gigantic waves. Living now in Malta, I decided everyone was probably overreacting. Sure what would they know about waves? I thought. Even my son laughed at the notion. And so I baked my little socks off. Despite disasters in the kitchen with the spring tin giving up the goose and the cheesecake cracking while baking. I was not to be swayed. The Great British Back Off finale hadn’t a patch on me.

Well by Jesus when morning came and I realized I was looking at a baked Cheesecake that would feed at least 15 people and 2 carrot cakes on the counter as the wind howled and thunder cracked the sky with warnings to stay indoors, the cold sweats started to pour at the notion of how this no sugar, practical vegan and hater of wasting food was going to cope. Surely its the end of the world, there are waves in Malta.

My 13-year-old and food lover thought all his birthdays had come together. Cheesecake for breakfast, sure where would you have it? I joined in and felt all the sin, all the sugar I had for so long avoided hit with the dread there was at least another 13 portions plus a carrot cake left. The only saving grace was I hadn’t iced the carrot cake. We even called into neighbours but they weren’t in. Probably stranded wherever they were the previous evening. Or maybe a giant wave had gotten them?

The sugar highs and lows took us through the day as endless cheesecake slices seemed to be forming an integral part of the coming days eating plan. As the day dragged on and we had another round of creamy topped crumbly based cheesecake. It became clear that indeed, there might be a time, where yes, there can be too much cake!


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